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Hello everyone,
I know it has been a long time since I wrote an article on this blog and I don't know how many more I will post, but I wanted to address one topic on which there are a variety of opinions amongst christendom. I want to avoid the error that many fall into in imposing extra biblical requirements on others. I want to share some Scriptures with you for your consideration, and may we apply the teachings and principles to our lives and glorify God in all areas, even in what we wear. This post will mostly be focused on what women wear and I am writing as a woman, but I think there are things that should be considered by our brothers in Christ as well, but I am getting ahead of myself. 

Let us look to the Scriptures. I assume these first 2 passages will be familiar in a discussion on modesty. 

"Do not let your adornment be merely outward—arranging the hair, wearing gold, or putting on fine apparel— 4 rather let it be the hidden person of the heart, with the incorruptible beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit, which is very precious in the sight of God. 5 For in this manner, in former times, the holy women who trusted in God also adorned themselves, being submissive to their own husbands, 6 as Sarah obeyed Abraham, calling him lord, whose daughters you are if you do good and are not afraid with any terror." 1 Peter 3:3-6

"in like manner also, that the women adorn themselves in modest apparel, with propriety and moderation, not with braided hair or gold or pearls or costly clothing, 10 but, which is proper for women professing godliness, with good works." 1 Timothy 2:9-10

Now, this one may not have been considered in a discussion on modesty, but I find it relevant. Allow me to explain further on. 
"the older women likewise, that they be reverent in behavior, not slanderers, not given to much wine, teachers of good things— 4 that they admonish the young women to love their husbands, to love their children, 5 to be discreet, chaste, homemakers, good, obedient to their own husbands, that the word of God may not be blasphemed." Titus 2:3-5

So what can we learn about modesty from these Scriptures? What can we glean from these verses?

We should be cultivating the beauty of the hidden person of the heart. We should have a gentle and quiet spirit. This inward attitude should be reflected in how we dress. We should adorn ourselves with good works. In the talk about how holy women adorned themselves, it speaks of being submissive to their own husbands. So one thing I would say to take into consideration in choosing your clothing is to consider your husband's standards. It is one way that married women can show submission, by submitting to their husband's standards of modesty. 

For daughters living in our fathers' houses, we must obey our parents (Ephesians 6). So if your father and mother have certain standards for modesty, obey them in submitting to their standards. For example, say a daughter believes it is permissible for a girl to wear modest jeans, but her father believes that women are to wear only skirts and dresses. In such a case, the daughter should obey the Lord by obeying her father as he is not causing her to sin. If she then marries, her husband is now her head and she should submit to his standards of modesty, but a married woman does not need to obey her parents as a child does, so she and her husband may hold different convictions than her parents and that is okay. As Christians we must all look to the Scriptures as our standard, but where Scripture does not give an exact list of whether to wear sleeveless shirts or only long sleeve turtlenecks, we should be in submission to the authorities God has given us in that season of our lives and obey the clear commands of the Scriptures even if we differ in areas not clearly defined.

We should adorn ourselves with propriety and moderation and our apparel should be modest. Now, there may be different interpretations of what this means, so I ask you to examine yourself. In light of your convictions from the Scriptures, are you able to describe your clothing as modest and say that you are adorning yourself with propriety and moderation? If not, I suggest you take the time to consider how to align your choice of apparel with the standard set forth in Scripture. This is not to set a standard upon you that the Scripture does not set upon you. I am asking you to examine your own choices and compare them to the biblical convictions you hold.

Now let us look to Titus 2. Why did I put that in here? Let us consider the qualities that this biblical woman should have. 
Reverent in behavior... discreet... chaste... good. 
Here is why I bring up these verses. By our clothing, do we exhibit being good, chaste, discreet, and reverent in our behavior? The older women are to teach the younger women the things we see listed in Titus 2, but look at why. "that the word of God may not be blasphemed." With such an important reason, that the Word of God may not be blasphemed, shouldn't we be striving for these things earnestly? Shouldn't these qualities be exhibited in every aspect of our lives, our speech, our thoughts, our apparel?

Now, here are some questions that I ask you to consider. I am not trying to put an extra biblical standard upon you, but I want you to consider these things. 

1) Does the way you dress glorify God?
2) Is your apparel modest?
3) Does your choice of apparel reflect the godly qualities you are to possess?
4) While we cannot take responsibility for another's sin, are we causing our brothers or sisters in Christ to stumble or putting temptation before them by the way we dress?
5) Are we applying a double standard? (For example, are we upset when a woman wears a shirt that is low cut, but find it acceptable for a man to take off his shirt?) Hopefully that will spark some conversation and we will think about the "why" of our beliefs instead of just blindly remaining in our tradition. šŸ˜„ Maybe you have a good reason for your standards, but I am trying to provoke people to think about what they do.

I am not saying that women must wear skirts and dresses, men can't wear shorts, etc. Here is what I am asking: Please consider that every aspect of our lives is to bring glory to God and thus we should compare our clothing to the standards set forth in Scripture and think through whether our apparel is glorifying to the Lord. 

I hope y'all have a great day. Please leave your thoughts in the comments.

Saturday, February 26, 2022

The Growth of the True Church in the Midst of Mere Religion: An Interview with Brino Kumwenda

Greetings to the saints in the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

I was privileged to do a written interview with Brother Brino Kumwenda. Our brother is serving the Lord in Malawi and supported by HeartCry Missionary Society. Please take a few minutes to become acquainted with our brother and his ministry and learn how to pray for him, his family, and the saints at Christlike church.

You can read Brother Brino and Sister Patience's testimony of conversion here: https://heartcrymissionary.com/testimony/brino-kumwenda/

V. C: "Tell us a little about your family."

Brother Bruno: "I am married to Patience. We have two children, Uchizi (11) and Uwemi (5).  Both my wife and I come from polygamous families.  My father married two wives. As often the case, in such marriages there is the man's favorite and the least loved. My mum was loved less. My father never lived with us as he used to live miles away with his other wife and my other siblings.  He could just visit us once a year for no more than a month.  My three siblings and I was raised by our mother. My father passed away in 1998 while I was a teenager in high school. So I was raised by a single parent, my mom."

V. C: "How did you start full-time ministry?"

Brother Bruno: "The burden to start a full time ministry came while in my second year at African Bible College. It was a burden developed after observing how the masses in the country were being taught false doctrines and being led by unqualified elders.  But the actual planting of the church was to happen ten years later.  I quit the presbyterian church because I had come to the conclusion that I couldn't effectively serve in the denomination as I was now holding different doctrinal convictions and philosophy of ministry.  Firstly, the church was ordaining female "pastors" and allowing women to preach in the assembly of believers.  Secondly, even though the church was reformed on paper, it is pentecostal/charismatic in practice.  Thirdly, there was unbiblical membership.  Fourth, I wanted a church that I could pastor for a long period God willing. I believe strong churches are correlated with longevity of leadership. However, in my former denomination, a pastor doesn't stay for more than ten years in one congregation. Ten years rarely happens.  It is considered extreme.  Usually, the pastors are transferred after an average period of five years. Fifth, I had embraced the congregational type of government which is baptistic. So I went ahead to plant Christlike Church which is a reformed baptist church."

V. C: "As you serve full time in Malawi, what ministry are you involved in and what does that look like?"

Brother Brino: "My core ministry is the pastoral ministry. I believe the Great Commission is most effective when God's churches are strong.  Aside from that, I am involved in broadcasting. I serve through Radio ABC which is owned by African Bible Colleges.  I also serve on the board of Logos Ministries which is a lay training institution with reformed convictions.  All these ministries are key in Malawi and the northern region in particular.  The country is faced with deep rooted biblical illiteracy and false gospels. The need for sound churches and media and theological training institutions is deep."

V. C: "What is the biggest challenge facing the Church in Malawi?"

Brother Brino: "As I have pointed out earlier, there is deep rooted biblical illiteracy.  People are ignorant of the Word.  As a result, they are not able to distinguish between the true Gospel/sound doctrine and the false gospels/doctrines.  This is because there are unhealthy churches and very few sound theological institutions. Moreover, not many Christians have financial capacity to attain theological training.  As a result, we have pastors that are not trained in faithfully dividing the word and shepherding God's people.  This has been one of the major causes of the alarming spread of the prosperity gospel in the country. There is little or no discernment."

V. C: "What is the spiritual condition in Malawi?"

Brother Brino: "I would say this is related to the issue of the major challenges facing the Church.  There is a proliferation of many beliefs masquerading as christian. Because there are few churches preaching the Word of God, people are responding to false gospels. For instance, it is said that Malawi is 80% Christian. Yet this is not reflected in people's lives. Among others, most of the public servants caught in big corruption scandals in the country are professing Christians including deacons and elders.  I believe a great number of professing Christians are holding onto a different Jesus who does not demand holiness and accountability from his followers.  This is because there is a low view of Scripture, of God, of preaching and of the Church."

V. C: "In what ways have you seen God working in Malawi?"

Brother Brino: "In spite of the challenges, I can see God raising an army of faithful laborers who are committed to preaching and practicing the Word of God.  In recent times, there has been a growing number of sound churches that are being formed to preach the Word of God and shepherd God's people faithfully.  I have also seen Him bring to the country theological institutions like Central African Preaching Academy (CAPA) that train pastors in pastoral ministry with an emphasis on expository preaching.  CAPA is an initiative of the Grace Community Church which is pastored by John Macarthur.  It is part of the TMAI.  Interestingly, CAPA has had a major impact on pentecostal and charismatic pastors.  I have interacted with such pastors and most of them have changed their views concerning the Word of God.  Most of them hold on to most of the doctrines of grace and no longer believe in female leadership. They have also embraced expository preaching in the churches they pastor."

V. C: "How have you seen God working in your life, and in the lives of your believing family members?"

Brother Bruno: "The most visible one has been in my wife's life.  My wife also came from a background of biblical illiteracy.  She grew up in a dysfunctional home where the Word was not central to the family and she came from CCAP where preaching of the Word is not central to the life of the Church.  When I met her she was saved but she was generally ignorant of the Word which led her to embracing some false doctrines and practices.  For instance, she was once caught up in a ministry of a prosperity preacher.  But since we got married she has changed a great deal. She is able to identify false teachers. Also, she is growing in her love for the Lord, the Church and our family.  She is one of the most faithful members in the church. She herself is mentoring women."

V. C: "In the great commission, we are commanded to make disciples of all nations. How does this look practically in your area of ministry?"

Brother Brino: "Firstly, we are equipping the church in sound doctrine and living.  We are training them to be faithful witnesses of the Gospel.  We are grounding them to have a culture of evangelism rather than to just wait for the church to organize evangelistic programs.  Secondly, we have evangelistic programs as a church targeting the residents of Mzuzu City. Our vision is to plant sound churches in the city, in the region, in the country and beyond. Personally, I preach to the community and youths especially at Mzuzu University which is the only public university in the city."

V. C: "What are the challenges and blessings you experience being in full-time ministry?"

Brother Brino: "The benefits include personal growth. During my pastoral ministry I have experienced growth in the Word of God as well as in maturity.  As I labor to feed others the Lord has used the same to feed me even more.  In general, I have grown in my love for the Lord.  I have believed in the doctrines of grace with greater intensity every time I have read and meditated on the Scriptures.

I have also cultivated Christ-honoring partnerships. I have found close friends with like-minded men of God who are shepherding God's people faithfully. These men include brothers Mala Chindongo who pastors Antioch (Reformed) baptist church, Newton Chilingulo who leads Reformed Bible Church, Kondwani Nyanda who leads Grace Bible Church and Confex Makhalira who pastors Christ presbyterian Church.  

In terms of challenges, I have faced opposition from false teachers. False doctrines spread fast because to the majority of people it is more contagious than the truth.  It is painful to see someone you have been trying to mentor to join movements that are unhealthy and even cultic. 

Another challenge is that most of the people in the country do not have a high view of the church. Most of them have grown in a culture where church is not central to their lives. This has been a challenge at Christlike Church, being a young church, even though we have been seeing a steady growth in some members in this area.  They are increasingly seeing the importance of the church."

V. C: "What biblical principles or passages of Scripture has the Lord brought to mind at various times that have drawn you closer to Christ, challenged, or blessed you through your years of ministry?"

Brother Brino: "The most prominent is 1 Corinthians 10:31 which encourages me to glorify God in everything that I do. Giving glory to God is man's chief end. This guides me as I prepare the sermons and outreach, lead the family, counsel, resolve conflicts and all others. It helps me among others to put excellent work in what I do and to be guided by love of God, love for God and love for others."

V. C: "How do you prioritize your time in full-time ministry so that you maintain a balance in washing your wife with the water of the Word, bringing up your children in the fear and admonition of the Lord, making disciples, and building up the saints?"

Brother Brino: "My primary priority is the home. I am privileged to work from home. I have a lot of time to interact with my family which gives me an opportunity to help them to grow in the fear and love of the Lord.  We also have family worship which helps us to be grounded in the Word."

V. C: "How can people be praying for you?"

Brother Brino: "Pray that I continue to grow in my love for the Lord and other people. Pray that I continue to faithfully shepherd the family and the church that the Lord entrusted me to shepherd.  Pray that I proclaim God's Word with clarity of speech, boldness and with love. Pray that the church, Christlike Church, should find like-minded partners to help in advancing the gospel in the northern region of Malawi. The Church needs both human and financial resources to advance the Gospel. We would love to have missionaries who can volunteer to minister through the church among others." 

V. C: "Do you have any final thoughts you would like to share with your brothers and sisters in Christ?"

"I encourage the brothers and sisters to not be weary in doing good because in due season the Lord will reward us. The great news is that we already have the greatest reward: He himself. I encourage God's people to boldly stand for, practice and proclaim the truth in these perilous times."

Thank you to Brother Brino for taking time to do this interview. May you be encouraged by our brother's words, praise God for His work in Malawi, and be driven to your knees, interceding for the saints, bringing them before the Throne of Grace. We serve the Sovereign God, come before Him, praying that His Kingdom will continue to advance, for His glory!

In Christ,


Thursday, January 20, 2022

Ministerie in Nederland: Een gesprek met Jacques Brunt

Gegroet, Broeders, in de naam van onze Heer Jezus Christus.

Onlangs had ik de gelegenheid om een schriftelijk interview te doen met broeder Jacques Brunt, die Christus dient in Nederland. Broeder Jacques wordt ondersteund door HeartCry Missionary Society. Neemt u alstublieft een paar minuten de tijd om te lezen over het werk van de Heer in het gebied van onze broeder Jacques, om geĆÆnformeerd te worden over de geestelijke toestand in Nederland, en om specifieke manieren te leren waarop u kunt bidden voor onze broeder en zijn familie. 

De familie Brunt

Heel hartelijk bedankt, broeder Jacques, dat je de tijd hebt genomen om dit interview met mij te doen. Dit interview is vertaald met DeepL, om te vertalen tussen Engels en Nederlands. Voor degenen die geĆÆnteresseerd zijn in de Engelse versie van dit bericht, die kan hier worden bekeken: http://katakalypto.blogspot.com/2022/01/ministry-in-netherlands-interview-with.html

V. C: "Vertel ons eens wat over je familie."

Broer Jacques: "In 2004 ben ik getrouwd met Annette. Het bijzondere is dat we op de lagere school bij elkaar in de klas zaten. Later kwamen we elkaar weer tegen en uiteindelijk zijn we getrouwd. Inmiddels hebben we vier zonen van de Heer gekregen; Levi (16), Boaz (13), Jesse (10) en Juda (4). Samen met onze kinderen willen we ons leven volledig beschikbaar stellen aan Hem, Die ons heeft liefgehad en Zich voor ons heeft overgegeven (Rom. 8:32). Vorig jaar in november is onze oudste zoon gedoopt."

V. C: "Hoe bent u begonnen in de fulltime bediening?"

Broeder Jacques: "Het was in de zomer van 2000 dat - na ongeveer vier jaar van overtuiging van zonde en zoeken naar vrede met God - de Here Jezus aan mij werd geopenbaard als mijn persoonlijke Redder en Zaligmaker. Iets wat ik als een onmogelijkheid had beschouwd, werd werkelijkheid: vrede met God door het geloof in de Heer Jezus Christus. Toen werkte Hij in mij een geestelijke honger, die alleen te stillen was en is met Zijn Zoon, Jezus Christus. Daarom strekte ik mij dagelijks uit om Hem dieper te leren kennen (Filippenzen 3:10). Tegelijkertijd doortrok een verlangen mijn ziel, zoals uitgedrukt in een oud lied: "Heer, neem mij, breek mij, vervul mij, zend mij.

Dit verlangen werd een roeping die de Heer tien jaar na mijn bekering vervulde. Dit begon met een spreekbeurt op een jeugdconferentie. Binnen korte tijd ontving ik verschillende uitnodigingen om te preken. Ik deed dit naast mijn baan als makelaar. Het aantal spreekbeurten nam zo toe dat Annette en ik besloten dat ik minder zou gaan werken. Het geestelijk werk groeide en groeide. De Heer vervulde mijn roeping, bevestigde die roeping, en zorgde voor de financiƫn. Dit alles gebeurde niet plotseling, maar geleidelijk. Stap voor stap. We baden voor de Heer om deuren te openen voor een voltijdse bediening terwijl het werk bleef groeien.

Tijdens deze periode trof de financiƫle crisis ons makelaarskantoor, waardoor drastische maatregelen nodig waren. Een van die maatregelen was dat ik mijn baan verloor (april 2013). Deze ontwikkeling - hoewel een beproeving - hebben wij ervaren als een ingrijpen van God om ons vrij te maken voor een fulltime geloofsbediening. De profetie over de Here Jezus uit Jesaja 42:1A sprak tot ons (juni 2013): "Zie, Mijn Knecht, Die Ik ondersteun...". We mochten deze tekst op onszelf toepassen en ontvingen beiden vrijmoedigheid om de stap naar het geloofspastoraat te maken. En zo kreeg Gods roeping concreet gestalte."

V. C: "Nu je fulltime in Nederland dient, bij welke bediening ben je betrokken en hoe ziet dat eruit?"

Broeder Jacques: "Het werk van onze bediening bestaat voornamelijk uit het onderwijzen van de Bijbel. Dat mag ik doen in onze gemeente in Alblasserdam waar ik ook actief ben als ouderling. Daarnaast reis ik door heel Nederland en Belgiƫ om bijbelonderwijs te geven. Ook ben ik betrokken bij HeartCry Nederland als bestuurslid. Van daaruit is mijn band met HeartCry Missionary ontstaan. Ook leid ik studie- en groepsreizen naar Zwitserland en Israƫl."

V. C: "Wat is de grootste uitdaging voor de Kerk in Nederland?"

Broeder Jacques: "De grootste uitdaging voor de kerk in Nederland is om trouw te blijven aan het Woord van God. De tijdgeest heeft de kerk beĆÆnvloed. We staan voor de uitdaging om vast te houden aan Gods principes. Die staan in Nederland onder druk."

V. C: "Hoe is de geestelijke toestand in Nederland?" 

Broeder Jacques: "De geestelijke toestand kan omschreven worden als lauw. De kerk is gelijkvormig geworden aan de wereld en haar systeem van leven. We hebben de Heer nodig om ons land te bezoeken en ons volk voor Hem te verootmoedigen. Tegelijkertijd is er ook in Nederland een gelovig deel (overblijfsel) dat toegewijd leeft. Er zijn veel plaatsen waar het Woord van God in getrouwheid wordt gepredikt en mensen worden toegerust voor de dienst (Efeziƫrs 4:12)."

V. C: "Op welke manieren heb je God zien werken in Nederland?"
Broeder Jacques: "Op verschillende manieren. Zelf ben ik vanaf het begin betrokken geweest bij de HeartCry beweging. Rond het jaar 2002 beleefden we een opwekking. We hebben conferenties meegemaakt waar de aanwezigheid van de Heer heel duidelijk voelbaar was. Veel jonge mensen kwamen tot geloof en bekering. Velen van hen dienen nu in het Koninkrijk van God in Nederland en daarbuiten. Hele gezinnen wijdden zich aan de Heer. Inmiddels zijn hier twee Bijbelscholen uit voortgekomen, waar ik ook les geef."

V. C: "Hoe heb je God zien werken in jouw leven, en in het leven van je gelovige familieleden?"
Broeder Jacques: "In het antwoord op vraag 2 heb ik daar al iets over gezegd. Voor een uitgebreider getuigenis verwijs ik graag naar de volgende link."

V. C: "In de grote opdracht wordt ons opgedragen om alle volken tot discipelen te maken. Hoe ziet dit er praktisch uit in uw werkgebied?"
Broeder Jacques: "We lezen in MattheĆ¼s 28:19 'Gaat dan henen, onderwijst al de volken, hen dopende in de naam des Vaders en des Zoons en des Heiligen Geestes, hun lerende onderhouden al wat Ik u bevolen heb'. Twee woorden springen eruit en vormen de kern van onze bediening; onderwijzen en leren. Gebaseerd op de Bijbel, geloof ik dat Bijbelonderwijs ons denken vernieuwt. Zoals je denkt, zo leef je. Daarom is bijbelonderwijs een van de meest fundamentele aspecten van discipelschap of de grote opdracht."

V. C: "Wat zijn de uitdagingen en zegeningen die je ervaart in een fulltime bediening?"
Broeder Jacques: "De zegen is dat ik dagelijks bezig mag zijn met het geestelijk investeren in mensen. Die investering heeft waarde tot in de eeuwigheid. Dat is een enorme zegen. We hebben een boodschap van Hoop in een donkere tijd. De beste boodschap; Jezus Christus, en Hem gekruisigd (1 Korintiƫrs 2:2). Daarnaast is het, te midden van een jong gezin en het vele werk van onze bediening, een uitdaging om onze persoonlijke relatie met de Heer op de eerste plaats te houden. We kunnen met van alles en nog wat bezig zijn, maar we zijn in de eerste plaats geroepen tot de gemeenschap met onze Zoon Jezus Christus, onze Heer (1 Korintiƫrs 1:9)."

V. C: "Welke bijbelse principes of passages uit de Schrift heeft de Heer je op verschillende momenten voor de geest gehaald die je dichter bij Christus hebben gebracht, je hebben uitgedaagd of je hebben gezegend tijdens je jaren als dienaar?
Broeder Jacques: "Dat is een goede vraag. Twee bijbelverzen hebben door de jaren heen sterk tot mijn hart gesproken.

Als het gaat om Gods verlangen voor mijn leven en het proces dat zich in mij voltrekt: Romeinen 8:29 "Want degenen die Hij tevoren gekend heeft, heeft Hij ook tevoren verordineerd om gelijkvormig te worden aan het beeld van zijn Zoon.

Soms, als ik het moeilijk heb en satan mij wil ontmoedigen, sprak God vaak tot mij uit Hebreeƫn 2:8b-9a 'Nu zien wij nog niet, dat alle dingen Hem onderworpen zijn, maar wij zien Jezus gekroond met heerlijkheid en eer'.

De Here Jezus zit op de troon en heeft absoluut de touwtjes in handen, wat er ook gebeurt!"

V. C: "Hoe geef je prioriteit aan je tijd in de voltijdse bediening, zodat je een evenwicht bewaart in het wassen van je vrouw met het water van het Woord, het opvoeden van je kinderen in de vreze en vermaning van de Heer, het maken van discipelen en het opbouwen van de heiligen?"
Broeder Jacques: "Zoals u in de vorige antwoorden en ook hieronder kunt lezen, is het een groot gevaar / valkuil als er geen goede balans is tussen de genoemde onderwerpen. Ik ben strenger geworden als het gaat om het invullen van mijn agenda. Ik ben in de eerste plaats echtgenoot en vader, dus ik probeer heel bewust veel tijd met ons gezin door te brengen. Dat is niet alleen belangrijk, maar het brengt ook veel vreugde. Daarnaast ben ik erg dankbaar voor mijn vrouw die zich heel erg inzet voor ons gezin. Nadat we kinderen kregen, is ze gestopt met betaald werk. Ze is er fulltime voor ons gezin. Dat geeft veel rust. Ze heeft alle kinderen van jongs af aan veel uit de Bijbel verteld en hen Bijbelverzen geleerd. We praten ook veel met onze kinderen over het Evangelie en mijn vrouw en ik brengen hen dagelijks in gebed tot de Heer. Wat vooral belangrijk is, is dat wij als ouders het goede voorbeeld geven. Hiermee heb ik uw vraag beantwoord. Ik besef dat er nog veel meer over te zeggen is."

V. C: "Hoe kunnen mensen voor je bidden?" 
Broeder Jacques: "In het werk dat wij doen, staan wij in de frontlinies van de geestelijke strijd die in deze wereld gaande is. Daarom vinden we de bediening van gebed en voorbede van het grootste belang en willen we er prioriteit aan geven. We kunnen niet zonder de gebeden van broeders en zusters die achter ons staan. Daarom zouden wij het zeer op prijs stellen als u en de uwen onze bediening in uw gebeden zouden gedenken. Belangrijke punten zijn:

Familie (liefde, eenheid en bescherming)

Bijbelonderwijs (juiste nadruk in deze tijd)

Ouderling/oudste (wijsheid en moed om juiste beslissingen te nemen)

Prioriteiten (de juiste balans tussen relatie met de Heer, gezin en bediening)

Behoeften (dat de Heer in al onze behoeften zal voorzien)"

V. C: "Heeft u nog laatste gedachten die u met uw broeders en zusters in Christus zou willen delen?"
Broeder Jacques: "Tot slot wil ik de woorden van Jezus uit Johannes 16:33 doorgeven: 'Deze dingen heb Ik tot u gesproken, opdat gij in Mij vrede hebt. In de wereld zult gij verdrukking hebben, maar hebt goede moed: Ik heb de wereld overwonnen."

Hartelijk dank, broeder Jaques, dat je dit interview met mij wilde doen. 

Geliefde lezers, laat u bemoedigen door het werk van de Heer door Zijn volk, onder de natiĆ«n, en verplicht uzelf om voor de Troon van Genade te komen, biddend dat God Zijn Koninkrijk zal blijven uitbreiden over de hele wereld. Moge het Lam dat geslacht is de volle beloning van Zijn lijden ontvangen en moge de Naam van God groot zijn onder de volken. 

Neemt u alstublieft even de tijd om te bidden voor onze broeder Jacques en zijn familie. 

De genade van onze Heer Jezus Christus zij met Zijn heiligen.
In Christus,

Ministry in the Netherlands: An Interview with Jacques Brunt

Greetings, Brethren, in the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ.
Recently I had the opportunity to do a written interview with Brother Jacques Brunt, serving Christ in the Netherlands. Brother Jacques is supported by HeartCry Missionary Society. Please take a few minutes to read of the Lord's work in our brother Jacques' area of the world, to be informed about the spiritual state of the Netherlands, and to learn specific ways you can be praying for our brother and his family. 
The Brunt Family

Thank you so much, Brother Jacques for taking the time to do this interview with me. This interview has been translated with DeepL, to translate between English and Dutch. For those interested in the Dutch version of this post, that can be viewed here: https://katakalypto.blogspot.com/2022/01/ministerie-in-nederland-een-gesprek-met.html

V. C: "Tell us a little about your family."
Brother Jacques: "In 2004 I got married to Annette. What is special is that we were in each other's class in elementary school. Later we met again and eventually we got married. Meanwhile we have received four sons of the Lord; Levi (16), Boaz (13), Jesse (10) and Juda (4). Together with our children we want to make our lives completely available to Him, Who loved us and gave Himself up for us (Rom. 8:32). Last year in November our oldest son was baptized."

V. C: "How did you start in full-time ministry?"
Brother Jacques: "It was in the summer of 2000 that - after about four years of conviction of sin and seeking peace with God - the Lord Jesus was revealed to me as my personal Savior and Blessed One. Something I had perceived as an impossibility became a reality: peace with God through faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. Then He worked in me a spiritual hunger, which was and is only to be satisfied with His Son, Jesus Christ. Therefore, I reached out daily to learn Him more deeply (Philippians 3:10). At the same time, desire pervaded my soul, as expressed in an old song, "Lord, take me, break me, fill me, send me.

This desire became a calling that the Lord fulfilled ten years after my conversion. This began with a speaking engagement at a youth conference. Within a short time I received several invitations to preach. I did this next to my job as a real estate agent. The number of speaking engagements increased so much that Annette and I decided that I would work less. The spiritual work grew and grew. The Lord fulfilled my calling, confirmed that calling, and provided finances. All did not happen suddenly, but gradually. Step by step. We prayed for the Lord to open doors for full-time ministry as the work continued to grow.

During this period, the financial crisis hit our real estate office, necessitating drastic measures. One of those measures was that I lost my job (April 2013). This development - although a trial - we have experienced as an intervention of God to set us free for a full-time faith ministry. The prophecy about the Lord Jesus from Isaiah 42:1A spoke to us (June 2013), "Behold, My Servant, Whom I support... We were allowed to apply this text to ourselves and both received boldness to make the step to faith ministry. And thus God's calling took concrete shape."

V. C: "As you serve full time in the Netherlands, what ministry are you involved in and what does that look like?"
Brother Jacques: "The work of our ministry consists mainly of teaching the Bible. I am allowed to do that in our church in Alblasserdam where I am also active as an elder. Besides that I travel throughout the Netherlands and Belgium to give Bible teaching. I am also involved in HeartCry Nederland as a board member. From there my connection with HeartCry Missionary came. I also lead study and group trips to Switzerland and Israel."

V. C: "What is the biggest challenge facing the Church in the Netherlands?"
Brother Jacques: "The greatest challenge for the church in the Netherlands is to remain faithful to the Word of God. The spirit of the times has influenced the church. We face the challenge to hold on to God's principles. These are under pressure in the Netherlands."

V. C: "What is the spiritual condition in the Netherlands?" 
Brother Jacques: "The spiritual condition can be described as lukewarm. The church has become conformed to the world and its system of life. We need the Lord to visit our country and humble our people before Him. At the same time, there is also in the Netherlands a faithful part (remnant) that lives devotedly. There are many places where the Word of God is preached in faithfulness and people are equipped for service (Ephesians 4:12)."

V. C: "In what ways have you seen God working in the Netherlands?"
Brother Jacques: "In different ways. I myself have been involved in the HeartCry movement from the beginning. Around the year 2002 we experienced a revival. We experienced conferences where the presence of the Lord was very clearly felt. Many young people came to faith and conversion. Many of them are now serving in the Kingdom of God in the Netherlands and abroad. Entire families devoted themselves to the Lord. Meanwhile, two Bible schools have arisen from this, where I also teach."

V. C: "How have you seen God working in your life, and the in the lives of your believing family members?"
Brother Jacques: "I have already said something about this in the answer to question 2. For a more comprehensive testimony, I would like to refer to the following link."

V. C: "In the great commission, we are commanded to make disciples of all nations. How does this look practically in your area of ministry?"
Brother Jacques: "We read in Matthew 28:19 'Go therefore, teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you.' Two words stand out and form the core of our ministry; teaching and learning. Based on the Bible, I believe that Bible teaching renews our thinking. As you think, so you live. Therefore, Bible teaching is one of the most fundamental aspects of discipleship or the great commission."

V. C: "What are the challenges and blessings you experience being in full-time ministry?"
Brother Jacques: "The blessing is that I get to be busy daily investing spiritually in people. This investment has value for all eternity. That is a tremendous blessing. We have a message of Hope in a dark time. The best message; Jesus Christ, and Him crucified (1 Corinthians 2:2). In addition, in the midst of a young family and the many labors of our ministry, it is a challenge to keep our personal relationship with the Lord number one. We can be busy with anything and everything, but we are called first and foremost to the fellowship of the Son Jesus Christ, our Lord (1 Corinthians 1:9)."

V. C: "What biblical principles or passages of Scripture has the Lord brought to mind at various times that have drawn you closer to Christ, challenged, or blessed you through your years of ministry?
Brother Jacques: "That's a great question. Two Bible verses have spoken strongly to my heart over the years.

When it comes to God's desire for my life and the process that is taking place in me: Romans 8:29 "For those whom He has known beforehand, He has also predestined beforehand to be conformed to the image of His Son.

Sometimes when I am struggling and Satan wants to discourage me, God often spoke to me from Hebrews 2:8b-9a 'Now we do not yet see that all things are subject to Him, but we see Jesus crowned with glory and honor'.

The Lord Jesus is on the throne and is absolutely in control no matter what happens!"

V. C: "How do you prioritize your time in full-time ministry so that you maintain a balance in washing your wife with the water of the Word, bringing up your children in the fear and admonition of the Lord, making disciples, and building up the saints?"
Brother Jacques: "As you can read in the previous answers and also below, it is a great danger / pitfall if there is not a good balance between the topics mentioned. I have become more strict when it comes to filling out my schedule. I am first and foremost a husband and father, so I try very consciously to spend a lot of time with our family. Not only is it important, but it also brings a lot of joy. In addition, I am very grateful for my wife who is very dedicated to our family. After we had children, she stopped paid work. She is there full time for our family. That gives a lot of peace. She has told all the children a lot from the Bible from an early age and taught Bible verses to them. We also talk a lot with our children about the Gospel and my wife and I bring them to the Lord in prayer daily. What is especially important is that as parents we set the right example. With that, I have answered your question. I realize there is much more to be said about it."

V. C: "How can people be praying for you?" 
Brother Jacques: "In the work we do, we are on the front lines of the spiritual battle that is going on in this world. Therefore we consider the ministry of prayer and intercession to be of utmost importance and we want to give it priority. We cannot do without the prayers of brothers and sisters who stand behind us. Therefore, we would greatly appreciate it if you and yours would remember our ministry in your prayers. Important points are:

Family (love, unity and protection)

Bible teaching (right emphasis in these times)

Elder/elder (wisdom and courage to make right decisions)

Priorities (the right balance between relationship with the Lord, family and ministry)

Needs (that the Lord will provide for all our needs)"

V. C: "Do you have any final thoughts you would like to share with your brothers and sisters in Christ?"
Brother Jacques: "In closing, I would like to pass on the words of Jesus from John 16:33 'These things I have spoken to you, that in Me you may have peace. In the world you will have tribulation, but have good courage: I have overcome the world.'"

Thank you so much, Brother Jaques, for doing this interview with me. 

Dear readers, please be encouraged by the Lord's work through His people, among the nations, and commit yourselves to come before the Throne of Grace, praying that God will continue to advance His Kingdom around the world. May the Lamb Who was slain receive the full reward of His suffering and may the Name of God be great among the nations. 

Please take some time to pray for our Brother Jacques and his family. 

The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with His saints.
In Christ,

Friday, January 7, 2022

God's Work in Zimbabwe: An Interview with Brother Joe Shoko

Greetings in the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ,

Recently I was given the opportunity to do a written interview with Brother Joe Shoko. Brother Joe is supported by HeartCry Missionary Society, serving at Berean Reformed Baptist Church in Harare, Zimbabwe. You can read his testimony of conversion here: Joe Shoko.

Please take a few minutes to read this interview to become better acquainted with our dear brother, his ministry, the Church in Zimbabwe, and learn how you can be praying for them more specifically. Please bring our brethren before the Throne of Grace.

Brother Joe (right) with Conrad Mbewe

V.C: Tell us a little about your family.

Brother Joe: My wife’s name is Tinotenda Alice Shoko, we got married on October 19th 2019 by the grace of God. On December the 1st 2021 we were blessed with a baby girl and we named her Neraya (God is Light), Matipa (He has given us) Shoko. We pray that God would be pleased to bless us with more. My siblings are Jehovah’s Witnesses, 1 brother and 3 sisters. I am the second born. My mom passed away on February the 1st 2002.

V.C: How did you start in full-time ministry?

Brother Joe: I was saved in 2013 after initially visiting a church with the desire to strike a business deal with a former schoolmate who was part of the church, namely Bulawayo Baptist Church. After I got saved I served in the church for a year before my then pastor suggested that I go to seminary as he sensed that I had the gift of preaching. I did sense the call in that I could not stop preaching and serving in the church, at Sunday school and during our soup kitchens where we served and preached to the homeless and hungry with the Gospel and a meal, so I prayerfully applied. During my seminary, my convictions started to change as I came across John MacArthur, Paul Washer and Conrad Mbewe. These men preached the word, they really preached on sin and ‘scratched’ where it itched. In 2018 I was accepted on a year long pastoral internship program at Kabwata Baptist Church pastored by Conrad Mbewe, after a year, with much prayer and consultation Kabwata Baptist Church sent me as their missionary to plant a Reformed Baptist Church in Harare, Zimbabwe, and this is where we are to date.

V.C: As you serve full time in the Zimbabwe, what ministry are you involved in and what does that
look like?

Brother Joe: I do the work of an evangelist and pastor, I reach out to the lost with the Gospel whenever I can and wherever I go through forming friendships and using that to share the Good news of the Lord Jesus Christ. I also am very passionate about biblical ecclesiology and the formation of a church, thus with 2 and a half years into the church plant we already have 6 members at Berean Reformed Baptist Church including ourselves. My ministry entails follow ups on visitors who come to church, door to door evangelism, preparing sermons, administering the ordinances, and partnering with healthy local churches that have clear confessions. We as a church also work with an orphanage and preach there a few times a month, moreover we also have a Children's Bible Club that we do on Saturdays at our home.

V.C: What is the biggest challenge facing the Church in Zimbabwe?

Brother Joe: The Biggest challenge facing the Zimbabwean church is syncretism with African Traditional Religion and politics. There is a lot of talk about Christianity being a ‘whiteman’s’ religion, that it was brought by white people to persecute black people, oppress them and take their land. This is the biggest challenge that the church in Zimbabwe faces.

V.C: What is the spiritual condition in Zimbabwe?

Brother Joe: In addition to the ATR which I mentioned, the spiritual condition of Zimbabwe is such that the majority of the people have flocked to prosperity teaching churches where a lot of heresies are taught and peddled. Many people think and say that they are Christians but their lives tell a different story. Many Zimbabweans are in despair, despite many being religious a lot think that God has abandoned Zimbabwe because of the economic and political hardships that have plagued the country for a very long time.

V.C: In what ways have you seen God working in Zimbabwe?

Brother Joe: Until recently, there seems to be a young crop of people that desire to see a resurgence of reformation and reformed teaching. Many have been disgruntled by the prosperity teaching churches and the lack of biblical truth being taught. It is through this that we see God working in the lives of young Christians and God calling to Himself young people who have not grown in the church. There are young people who are part of a few healthy churches that we have become our friends and they are a huge encouragement to us. Many people in the rural areas are also seeking the truth of the Gospel and many are leaving unbiblical practices and entrusting themselves to sound teaching.

V.C: How have you seen God working in your life, and the in the lives of your believing family

Brother Joe: Many of my extended family members are not believers, so I will just write about my wife and I. I have seen God working in the area of progressive sanctification, not that I am growing in righteousness no, for the righteousness I have is not my own but Christ’s. I have seen a desire to want to grow more, a renewed and growing hatred for sin, and yearning to commit more time to prayer. My wife has grown in ways I cannot fathom, she serves diligently and earnestly in our home, and is conscious of her own sin and inadequacies however she is continually laying all these at the foot of the cross. Our home has become a place that people are free to visit, either for fellowship, prayer and for counsel that we may offer. God has grown our dependence on Him for physical provision, life on the mission field has a lot of hardships, but we are constantly humbled by God’s provision for our needs.

V.C: In the great commission, we are commanded to make disciples of all nations. How does this look practically in your area of ministry?

Brother Joe: I am currently discipling two young men who are members of our church. We meet outside of church once every fortnight for prayer, sharing struggles, and reading a book together. I have realized that discipleship in the modern church is something that is professional and more about people being projects than the people themselves. Because our home is open, the brothers usually come to our home even after church and see how I practically live and lead my home. This is not easy at all as many people in Zimbabwe are too busy looking for money and earning a living, however so far, with the time we have together, we have seen fruit.

V.C: What are the challenges and blessings you experience being in full-time ministry?

Brother Joe: The challenges are that when working with sinners just like you, you are bound to be impatient with them and ‘step onto their toes’ and they too, step on yours. What really breaks my heart is when a young man or woman who has potential in serving the Lord gets swept away by the ways of the world. I have also realized that there is actually little rest that one can get in the Ministry, I mean taking into consideration that ministry is about people, how do you rest from people? The blessings are innumerable and immeasurable, in that we see the promises of God in scripture manifest in reality, for example the miracle of salvation, prayer being answered, victory over sin and joy in Christ Jesus.

V.C: What biblical principles or passages of Scripture has the Lord brought to mind at various times that have drawn you closer to Christ, challenged, or blessed you through your years of ministry?

Brother Joe: Whenever I am in spiritual hardship or any sort of turmoil, one of the most encouraging texts of Scripture is John 16:33, “I have said these things to you, that in me you may have peace. In the world you will have tribulation. But take heart; I have overcome the world.” Jesus didn’t promise that our problems will be miraculously erased, but He promises that he will be with us in this midst of tribulation. I have also found that being separate from the ways of the world is of immense importance in the Ministry, what does darkness have to do with light? There are so many areas that the minister should watch in his life, friends, associations, music, entertainment, desires, and even places to visit. This year we have been going through the psalms as a church and these have warmed our hearts and have blessed us as they have drawn us to God in our individual devotional life. We must abide in Christ continually.

V.C: How do you prioritize your time in full-time ministry so that you maintain a balance in washing your wife with the water of the Word, bringing up your daughter in the fear and admonition of the Lord, making disciples, and building up the saints?

Brother Joe: I have a schedule that I follow, my work essentially an ‘8-5’, however it is basically all day long, it’s work that you cannot ‘lay aside’. I make sure that during the day I do a lot of ministry and church administration work. This is when a lot of evangelism and oversight is done. In the evening I usually have family time where I usually catch up with my wife, spend time with her and lead family worship, or family devotions as we call them, that is where most of the washing my wife with the water of the word is done. I work from home so my wife has a lot of access to me, she can almost talk to me anytime, and so I am able to utilize that time as well. My daughter is a newborn so at the moment the schedule is jumbled up as she can and does demand my time anytime. My first ministry is my wife, then my daughter and then the church, that is what I see as the biblical pattern. It's very easy to say, but I always need Grace to practice it.

V.C: How can people be praying for you?

Brother Joe: Pray that I may glorify God by preaching Christ crucified. Pray that I may love my wife as Christ loved the Church. Pray that I may be a godly father. Pray that I may grow steadily in Christ and grow in my assurance of salvation. Pray that I may be a vessel through which God saves the lost through.

V.C: Do you have any final thoughts you would like to share with your brothers and sisters in Christ?

God is faithful to His promises, trust Him, preach the word, obey the word, and you will see your living rooms changing, your neighbourhood changing, the church growing and societies transformed. Pray for revival.

I would like to thank Brother Joe for taking time to do this interview with me. I hope it is a blessing to many. Please be sure to take time to pray for our brethren in Zimbabwe. 

For God's glory alone!
~Virginia Cowperthwaite

Friday, January 8, 2021

As a disciple of Jesus Christ, I wanted to write my testimony of the truth of God and the glorious salvation He has worked in my life. As it explains in Ephesians 2, I was born dead in my sins, I hated God (Romans 8). Even though I was raised in a Christian home, my parents' faith could never cover the sin in my heart. Even though I was walking in my rebellion against God, I was very young and I had never committed what most people consider terrible sins. But even what we consider small sins, are cosmic treason, disobeying the commands of Almighty God. I went to Church with my family, I joined them as they did ministry, but that could never change the fact that I was still at enmity with God. I am not sure of the exact day of my salvation, but I can testify to the grace of God that has changed my life. As it explains in Romans 3, in my sinful nature I never saught for God. But in His grace, God saved me. None of my works could ever reconcile me to God. Even my righteous deeds were as filthy rags in the sight of God because He is absolutely Holy and Righteous. As fallen men, we are incapable of doing anything that can earn us favor with God. But God is so gracious and merciful. Before the foundation of the world, my Creator God chose me to be His child. I was born a child of Adam and a child of the Devil, and apart from the grace of God, that is how I would have stayed for all eternity. But in His great mercy, God came to me as I was dead in my sins and raised me to new life in Christ. God gave me the gifts of repentance and faith. God the Father predestined me for salvation, and adopted me as His child. God the Son died for me and saved me from my sin through His sacrifice on the cross. God the Holy Spirit dwells within me, leads me into all truth, and sanctifies me. In my life, though I stumble and fall, I know that my salvation does not rest on my works, but it is through the finished work of Christ on the cross. Jesus is enough for me. I do good works because I seek to please Him and because of God's working through me, but my works do not earn me favor with God, they are rather an outpouring of my gratitude to Him. I rest in the finished work of my Savior in my place. Religion could never save me and I could never be righteous on my own, but I stand before God justified and righteous in His sight because the righteousness of Christ has been imputed to me by grace. As a sinner saved by grace, I praise the Eternal Triune God, the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. I rest in the finished work of Christ in my place, He is everything to me, and for all eternity, I, a humble creature will forever worship the Only True God. I testify to these things in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

Monday, June 22, 2020

An Interview With Presidential Candidate Tom Hoefling

I had the privilege to interview Tom Hoefling, a Christian husband, father, grandfather and Presidential candidate for 2020.

Mr. Hoefling

Mr. Hoefling stands firm upon the Word of God, and brings his Christian views and convictions to his campaign for President of the United States. In America, we need a strong leader who will lead by example to protect and preserve our God-given rights and liberties, pointing to God as the Giver and Sustainer of our life, rights, and freedoms.

VC: Why did you decide to run for President of the United States?

Mr. Hoefling: Because, for the third election in a row, I saw no one running who understands, much less consistently advocates for, the fundamental moral and constitutional principles upon which the survival of the American republic depends.
VC: What is your position on abortion? Is it acceptable in any circumstance?

Mr. Hoefling: The word “abortion” is itself a euphemism, one that tries to hide the fact that “abortion” doesn’t just stop, or abort, any old thing. When you commit “abortion” you are intentionally ending a precious human life. That’s called murder, and murder is never acceptable, in any circumstance. God’s command to all mankind, “you shall not murder,” is quite easy to comprehend. All court opinions, laws, or public policies that fail to provide equal protection for the God-given right to life of every person, born or unborn, are immoral and unconstitutional.

VC: We often hear pro-life organizations calling to overturn Roe vs. Wade, what are your thoughts on this? Is Roe vs Wade the law of the land?

Mr. Hoefling: Roe vs. Wade is nothing but an immoral, unconstitutional, opinion from the Supreme Court. As such, it is not the law. According to the moral, constitutional principles upon which our republic was originally based, such opinions are legal nullities. They can and MUST be ignored.

VC: If you are elected, what do you plan to do to work for the abolition of abortion in our country?

Mr. Hoefling: All officers of government in this country, in every branch, at every level, have as the first obligation of their sacred oath the protection of all innocent lives within their jurisdiction.

If I were elected to the office of President of the United States, I would keep my oath.

Justice Blackmun, in Roe vs. Wade, admitted that “of course” the child in the womb is protected by the Fourteenth Amendment, if they are a person.

Since it is self-evident that they are a person, my first act as President, after having sworn the oath, would be to publish a presidential finding to that effect.

My second act would be to ask for the resignation of anyone in the executive branch who would not act accordingly.

My third act would be to order the closing of every abortion facility in the country, as per the explicit, imperative requirement of the Supreme Law of the Land.

“No person shall be deprived of life without due process of law.”

“No State shall deprive any person of life without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.”

That’s the platform I ran on in 2012 and 2016, and that's the platform I am running on in 2020.

Please visit:http://prolifeprofiles.com/tom-hoefling-americas-party or https://www.tomhoefling.com/home/tom-hoefling-i-will-shut-down-every-abortion-facility-in-the-country

VC: In our culture today we see much discussion on marriage and homosexual relationships. What is your position on marriage?

Mr. Hoefling: From the beginning of the creation, marriage has been the sacred union of one man and one woman. That’s the way God made it, period.

Marriage is one of God’s greatest gifts to mankind, the nexus of His eternal plan and all true, lasting, earthly riches. It is the foundational building block of all decent civic, governmental institutions. It is the basis of all true economics. It breeds peace and prosperity. It is the great stabilizer of civilizations. It is the well-spring and nursery of posterity. It must be restored and protected, or America will fail and fall.

The starting point is to destroy the fallacy of judicial supremacy. Immoral edicts from the courts are legal nullities and must be ignored.

VC: What is your position on mandatory public education?

Mr. Hoefling: Mandatory public education is communist in conception. Karl Marx included it in the Communist Manifesto. No American should ever put up with such a thing for a single minute. And, personally, I would like to see government out of the business of education entirely.

VC: What is your position on mandatory vaccines, including a vaccine for Coronavirus, as our country continues to discuss this topic?

Mr. Hoefling: I oppose mandatory vaccines. I also strongly oppose any use of any vaccine that contains cells derived from the broken bodies of murdered unborn children. Frankly, I would be very surprised if any corona virus vaccine they could come up with would be free of these cannibalized cells.

VC: In recent years we have seen discussion of whether women should have to register for the draft. What is your position on this?

Mr. Hoefling: I absolutely oppose subjecting women to any draft. I also oppose women being put in any combat situation.

VC: After the death of George Floyd, we have seen a lot of discussion about defunding the police, and anger over systemic racism. What is your response to these views?

Mr. Hoefling: "Defunding the police” is nonsensical. The ensuring of domestic tranquility is fundamental to our form of government. And if we have “systemic racism” it is in the U.S. Census, which is being used to divide the people up by race, so that politicians can continue to play divisive race politics with federal programs. I support removing all racial questions or designations from all government forms. I consider this to be a big part of the fulfillment of Martin Luther King, Jr.’s dream for this country.

VC: What do you believe are the biggest problems facing America today, and how do you intend to address these issues if you are elected?

Mr. Hoefling: The biggest problem facing the country is the loss of our moral basis. I intend to address it in the only way that it can possibly be addressed: by example.

VC: Transgenderism is a major topic in our culture right now. What is your position on this issue?

Mr. Hoefling: There are only two genders, male and female. Chromosomes don’t lie. Our public policies should all reflect that natural reality.

VC: In other countries we have seen attacks on parental rights, such as in England. What do you believe is the role of the parent in making decisions for their children, such as healthcare and educational decisions?

Mr. Hoefling: Parental rights are among our most important God-given, unalienable rights. Our Constitution makes reference to such unenumerated rights in the Ninth Amendment: “The enumeration in the Constitution, of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people.”

VC: What is your position on the right of the people to keep and bear arms?

Mr. Hoefling: The right to keep and bears arms is the God-given right that ultimately guarantees the preservation of all of our other rights. Samuel Adams rightly called the right of self-defense ‘the first part of the natural law.” I believe that we should immediately repeal every gun restriction that has been instituted since the 1934 National Firearms Act.

VC: An often heard slogan in the last presidential election was "Make America Great Again". We see much unrest, division, and sin throughout our country. What do you believe must happen before America is truly great again?

Mr. Hoefling: Spiritual revival, a sincere general return to God by the people, is our only real hope. Not only is our national greatness at stake, but so is our national existence.

VC: Do you have any final thoughts you would like to share?

Mr. Hoefling: Three quarters of the people of the United States still lay claim to the title, "Christian." If even one third of them would prove it by ceasing to vote for what even they confess is evil, the country would be well on its way back to the moral and physical blessings we once enjoyed. Personnel truly IS policy.

Don’t let anyone bully you out of your vote. The only vote that is "thrown away" is one that is cast for someone who doesn't represent you, and who doesn't represent the moral and constitutional principles of the country.

For more information on Mr. Hoefling's campaign please visit: Tom Hoefling 2020

Vote Tom Hoefling for President 2020.